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IDToday is a Namibian-based, Centralized Digital Identity Management platform. We enable you to store all your personal information in our secure vault, so that you can share your verified information with the businesses you engage with. Your personal information is securely stored with world class encryption and your privacy is our first priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

IDT Users

What is IDToday?
IDToday is a Namibian based digital onboarding and identity verification software Company. We provide you with a free profile where you can store all your personal information on our central database so that you can safely and securely share your information with the Companies you trust.
What are the benefits of IDToday for me?

Forget about filling in multiple forms, making copies of your ID, and physically dropping them off every time you engage with a Company or Service Provider.

Your verified IDToday profile will allow you to instantly share your information and documents digitally with the Company or Service Provider that you engage with. You now have one central location where you can update your personal information which will automatically be shared with all the Companies that you have given access to.

Will my information and documents be kept private and secure?
Your privacy and securing your documents is right at the top of our list of priorities. Your information and documents are stored and protected on secure servers, and will only be shared with the Companies and Service Providers that you choose. The sharing of your personal information will always require authorisation by you. We will never sell your information to third parties for marketing or any other purpose.
Why is a Company or Service Provider asking me to onboard with IDToday?
Organisations like Banks, Insurers, Realtors and many others are forced to capture your information as part of their regulatory requirements under the Financial Intelligence Act. IDToday simply replaces the old manual, paper based solution Companies normally used with a centralized digital solution.
Why does the onboarding process request a selfie photo of myself?
Your selfie photo is required by FIA to allow us to digital verify your identity. We need to ensure that you are who you say you are, by comparing your selfie photo to the face on your Identity Document using Microsoft’s facial biometrics software.
Will IDToday work on my phone?
IDToday is a web-based solution and will work on most smartphones with an internet connection. IDToday is not an App, so you can simply click on the link provided to initiate the onboarding process.
Is IDToday really free?

Yes. We make money by charging Companies to use our Software solution and services.

Please note that internet connection is required to onboard, update information, upload new documents and to share or discontinue sharing information / documents with selected Companies and Service Providers.

Have additional questions?
Our contact details are shared at the bottom of this. We would love to hear from you.

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